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As American businesses continue to expand outside of the US, an increasing number of people are spending more time living and working abroad. Seven Corners has a comprehensive international healthcare provider network that includes thousands of doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals - and it is always growing. Our unique international network solution includes:
  • Expertise in provider network development and payment negotiation
  • Extensive deep-seated relationships with top multi-national healthcare providers
  • Custom -built comprehensive provider networks based on location need
  • In-depth knowledge and provider adherence to international standards of care
  • Payment in foreign currency - a requirement of international healthcare providers
  • Cost containment paired with high-quality healthcare
  • Multi-lingual customer service and 24/7/365 access to information online
  • Virtual ID cards that are easily accessible and printable on-demand

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Provider: AlphaMed Location: Rome ITA
Specialty: Physical Therapy Type: Referral

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Provider: American International Medical Center Location: Milan ITA
Specialty: Clinic Type: Direct Payment

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Provider: Anthea Hospital Location: Bari ITA
Specialty: Hospital Type: Conditional

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Provider: Ars Medica - Rome Location: Rome ITA
Specialty: Hospital Type: Conditional

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Provider: Aventino Medical Group Location: Rome ITA
Specialty: Clinic Type: Referral

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   International Network Providers Disclaimer


   International Network Providers Instructions


The listings included herein are ultimately for reference purposes only. Seven Corners insureds are in no way obligated to seek treatment from the facilities and/or physicians reflected in our international provider database. Seven Corners insureds are always free to seek treatment from any provider of their choice, when traveling outside of the United States. Additionally, please note that our international provider database is constantly updated. New listings will be available often; and status of existing entries is subject to change at any time.

Seven Corners, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the physicians or medical facilities listed in our international provider database; nor do the listings included herein constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any kind by Seven Corners, Inc.

Please be advised, our international provider network and subsequent direct billing arrangements is a courtesy afforded to Seven Corners insureds when possible. According to the letter of our policies, Seven Corners, Inc. is neither obligated nor required to facilitate direct billing of medical expenses incurred overseas. The claims procedure as outlined in the insurance policy contract state the insured member must settle foreign medical expenses out-of-pocket; then submit a claim to Seven Corners for review and reimbursement consideration.


Please be sure to note the "Provider Type" listed in your search results. This will give you the indication of a certain international provider's status with Seven Corners International Network.

  • DIRECT PAYMENT: Provider is part of our International Network, and will direct bill for expenses covered under terms and condition of policy in question.
  • CONDITIONAL: Provider agrees to direct bill on a case-by-case basis. Contact us prior to seeking treatment at these facilities, as ultimate decision to direct bill is left to discretion of provider based on case in question.
  • PROPOSAL: Provider in negotiations, and may or may not agree to direct bill. Arrangements on best effort basis.
  • REFERRAL: Provider may or may not agree to direct bill. Arrangements on best effort basis.
  • NON-COMPLIANT: Provider refuses to direct bill, but listed for reference purposes only. You will be responsible for payment of any and all expenses incurred at the time of service.

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Seven Corners is one of the industry's most experienced travel health insurance providers. The company serves leisure, student, business, government and missionary/volunteer travelers. It offers an extensive selection of international medical and travel insurance policies to U.S. citizens traveling overseas, or foreign nationals visiting the United States. Seven Corners has thousands of policy holders and a worldwide network of over 30,000 agents. The company created and maintains the industry's most comprehensive network of international health care providers that includes thousands of doctors, pharmacies and hospitals around the globe. Seven Corners is a member of the United States Travel Insurance Association; is GSA certified and is currently pursuing a SAS 70 Type II compliant designation. In addition to travel medical insurance, Seven Corners also offers health care administration to the government sector. The company is privately held and headquartered just north of Indianapolis in Carmel, IN.