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New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French overseas territory located in the Southwest Pacific near Australia. It consists of the large island of New Caledonia, the Loyalty Islands, the Isle of Pines, and several smaller island groups. The capital is Noumea. New Caledonia's moderately developed economy is based on mining and, to a lesser degree, tourism. Tourist facilities can be found throughout New Caledonia, the Loyalty Islands, and the Isle of Pines. The French Government Tourism Office, which has a wide range of information available to travelers, can be contacted by telephone at (212) 838-7800.

New Caledonia


Image of New Caledonia
Country Name: New Caledonia
Continent: Oceania
Capital City: Noumea
Boundary Countries:
Recommended Hospitals in Capital: Col de la Pirogue:  Centre Hospitalier Territorial
Gaston Bourret:  Centre Hospitalier Territorial
Magenta:  Centre Hospitalier Territorial
Noumea:  Clinique Magnin
Raoul Follereau:  Centre Hospitalier Territorial
Main Cities: Noumea, Mueo, Thio, Poindimie, We
Country Size: 19,060 sq km
Population: 221,943



French (official), 33 Melanesian-Polynesian dialects


Currency: Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique Franc (XPF)
Predominant Religions:

Roman Catholic 60%, Protestant 30%, other 10%


National Holidays: Bastille Day, 14 July (1789)
Economic Status:

In addition to nickel, substantial financial support from France - equal to more than 15% of GDP - and tourism are keys to the health of the economy. Substantial new investment in the nickel industry, combined with the recovery of global nickel prices, brightens the economic outlook for the next several years.



No regular military forces; French Armed Forces (includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Gendarmerie); Police Force


US Presence:

There is no US Embassy or Consulate in New Caledonia (overseas territory of France). The US Embassy in Fiji provides assistance for US citizens in New Caledonia.

The US Embassy is located at 31 Loftus Street in Suva, tel (679) 331-4466; fax (679) 330-2267. Information may also be obtained by visiting the Embassy’s home page at http://www.amembassy-fiji.gov/.


Document Requirements:

A passport valid for six months beyond duration of stay is required. Visas are not required for stays of up to one month. Extensions for up to three months may be granted locally by applying to the Haut Commissionaire (The French High Commissioner). For longer stays, you must apply for a visa at your nearest French embassy or consulate well beforehand, as the processing time is quite long. For further information about entry requirements, travelers, particularly those planning to enter by sea, may contact the French Embassy at 4101 Reservoir Road NW, Washington, DC 20007, telephone 202 944-6200, fax 202-944-6212, or visit the Embassy of France website .

The U.S. Department of State is unaware of any HIV/AIDS entry restrictions for visitors to or foreign residents of New Caledonia.

Information about dual nationality or the prevention of international child abduction can be found on our website. For further information about customs regulations, please read our Customs Information page.

Major Airports:

Airports: 25, Airports w/paved runways: 11Nouméa – La Tontouta International Airport (NOU/NWWW)New Caledoncia Airport, New Caledonia, BP 2, Tontouta, 98840, NEW CALEDONIATel: +687 (0)352500Fax: +687 (0)352535Website: www.cci=nc.com/tontoutaCustoms, hours: 07:30-11:30 & 13:30-16:00Tel: +687 (0)351172Fax: +687 (0)351955


Servicing Airlines:
Risks and Precautions:

Marches highlighting labor or political issues take place in Noumea from time to time. American citizens are advised to avoid large public gatherings and to exercise caution if within the vicinity of any demonstrations, as they could turn violent at any time.

The crime rate in New Caledonia is low; however, petty crime such as pick pocketing and purse-snatching does occur.

The cyclone season is November through April.


Mortality Statistics:

Infant MR total: 7.42 deaths/ 1,000 live births

Life expectancy at birth: TOTAL 74.5 (male 71.52/female 77.63)


Immunization Indicators:

Required: None

Recommended: Hep A & B, TyphoidBoosters: MMR, DPT, poliovirus


Infectious Disease Concerns:

Dengue, filariasis, Ross River virus, and Murray Valley encephalitis are diseases carried by insects that also occur in the Pacific Island region. Leptospirosis is common on some of the Pacific Islands.

Periodic outbreaks of measles have occurred on islands with inadequate immunization coverage.


Overall Quality of Medical Services:

Medical treatment on the main island is generally good, but it is more limited on the outer islands. Patients with more serious illnesses are often referred to Noumea, Australia or France for treatment. Before issuing a visa, Australian visa authorities will require a referral from a local doctor, proof of acceptance by an Australian doctor, and proof of the patient's ability to pay for the medical treatment. Doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash payment for health services.


Providers in Network:
Direct Payment: 2
Referrals: 5
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Recent Medical Threats/ Concerns/Warnings:

Cases of melioidosis have been reported and risk may exist.

High attack rates of ciguatera poisoning from eating large reef-dwelling fish have been reported on some of the islands.


Communications Info:

Country Calling Code: +687

Internet Country Code: nc



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