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Montserrat is a British overseas territory and part of the British West Indies. The island rises in a series of mountain slopes to a high point of over 3,000 feet at the Soufriere Volcano in the exclusion zone. Montserrat is a highly active volcanic island. The Government of Montserrat has issued several recent proclamations and warnings urging residents and visitors to be vigilant and to be prepared to move at short notice. Read the Department of State Background Notes on the United Kingdom for additional information.



Image of Montserrat
Country Name: Montserrat
Continent: Caribbean
Capital City: Plymouth
Boundary Countries:
Recommended Hospitals in Capital:
Main Cities: Plymouth, Salem, Gerald's, Davy Hill, Saint John's
Country Size: 102 sq km
Population: 9,538; Note: an estimated 8,000 refugees left the island following the resumption of volcanic activity in July 1995; some have returned




Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
Predominant Religions:

Anglican, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Pentacostal, Seventh-Day Adventist, other Christian denominations

National Holidays: Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, second Saturday in June (1926)
Economic Status:

Severe volcanic activity, which began in July 1995, has put a damper on this small, open economy. A catastrophic eruption in June 1997 closed the airports and seaports, causing further economic and social dislocation. Two-thirds of the 12,000 inhabitants fled the islands. Half of the island is expected to remain uninhabitable for another decade.


No regular military forces; Royal Montserrat Police Force.  Defense is the responsibility of the UK.

US Presence:

None, overseas territory of the UK.

The US Embassy is located in the Wildey Business Park, Wildey, St. Michael, tel 1-246-436-4950, website http://bridgetown.usembassy.gov.
Hours of operation are 8:30a to 4:00p Monday through Friday, except Barbados and US holidays. Assistance may also be provided by the US Consular Agency in Antigua, located at Suite #2, Jasmine Court, Friars Hill Rd, St. John’s, Antigua. Tel 1-268-463-6531, Cell 1-268-726-6531, e-mail ANUWndrGyal@aol.com.  The mailing address is PO Box W-1562, St. John’s, Antigua. The Consular Agent is available by appointment only. The office is closed for local and US Holidays.

Document Requirements: All Americans traveling by air outside of the United States are required to present a passport or other valid travel document to enter the United States. This requirement will be extended to sea travel (except closed-loop cruises), including ferry service, on June 1, 2009. Until then, U.S. citizens traveling by sea may present government-issued photo identification and a document showing their U.S. citizenship (for example, a birth certificate or certificate of nationalization). Starting June 1, 2009, all travelers must present a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document such as a passport or a passport card for entry to the United States. While passport cards and enhanced driver’s licenses are sufficient for entry into the United States, they may not be accepted by the particular country you plan to visit; please be sure to check with your cruise line and countries of destination for any foreign entry requirements. A passport if arriving by air, and a passport or passport card if arriving by sea, is required for entry to Montserrat. You will also have to provide proof of an onward/return ticket and sufficient funds to cover the expected stay. There is a departure tax payable upon leaving Montserrat. For further information, travelers may contact the British Embassy, 19 Observatory Circle NW, Washington, DC 20008; telephone (202) 588-7800; or the nearest consulate of the United Kingdom in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Seattle, or San Francisco. Visit the British Embassy's web site for the most current visa information. Information about dual nationality or the prevention of international child abduction can be found on our web site. For further information about customs regulations, please read our Customs Information sheet.
Major Airports:

Airports:  2, Airports w/paved runways:  2

Gerald’s Airport (MNI/TRPG)
Gerald’s Airport, Montserrat, Gerald, MONTSERRAT

Servicing Airlines:
Risks and Precautions:

The crime rate in Montserrat is low. However, travelers should take normal, common sense precautions.

Natural hazards: severe hurricanes (June to November); volcanic eruptions (Soufriere Hills volcano has erupted continuously since 1995).

Mortality Statistics:

Infant MR total:  7.03 deaths/1,000 live births

Life expectancy at birth:  TOTAL 79 years  (male 76.8/female 81.31)

Immunization Indicators:

Required:  None

Recommended:  Hep A & B, Typhoid
Boosters:  MMR, DPT, poliovirus

Infectious Disease Concerns:

Cutaneous larval migrans is a risk for travelers with exposures on beaches and leptospirosis is common in many areas and poses a risk to travelers engaged in recreational freshwater activities. 

Overall Quality of Medical Services:

St. John's Hospital, Montserrat's main hospital, can handle most routine and surgical emergencies. However, there is no hyperbaric chamber in Montserrat.

Providers in Network:
Direct Payment: 0
Referrals: 1
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Recent Medical Threats/ Concerns/Warnings:

Dengue epidemics have occurred on many of the Caribbean islands.  Most islands are infested with Aedes aegypti, so these places are at risk for introduction of dengue. 

Outbreaks of ciguatera poisoning, which results from eating toxin-containing reef fish, have occurred on many islands. Endemic foci of histoplasmosis are found on many Caribbean islands, and outbreaks have occurred in travelers.

Communications Info:

Country Calling Code:  1 + local number (no international calling code)

Internet Country Code:  .ms


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