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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy with a developing economy and a modern infrastructure. Western culture features prominently in the lives of many Jordanians. At the same time, traditional Islamic ideals and beliefs provide the conservative foundation for the country's customs, laws, and practices. Businesses and facilities catering to tourists are widely available, although quality may vary depending on price and location. Read the Department of State Background Notes on Jordan for additional information.



Image of Jordan
Country Name: Jordan
Continent: Asia (Middle East)
Capital City: Amman
Boundary Countries: Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, West Bank
Recommended Hospitals in Capital: Amman:  Al Khalidi Medical Center, Jordan Hospital, Specialty Hospital
Amman:  Al Bashir Hospital, Al Essra Hospital, Amman Surgical Hospital, Arab Medical Centre Hospital, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hamaideh Hospital, Islamic Hospital, King Hussein Cancer Center, Malhas Hospital, The Farah Hospital, University of Jordan Hospital
Main Cities: Amman, Al Karak, Irbid, Ma'an, Al Zarqa', Al Aqabah
Country Size: 92,300 sq km
Population: 5,906,760



Arabic (official), English widely understood among upper and middle classes

Currency: Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
Predominant Religions:

Sunni Muslim 92%, Christian 6% (majority Greek Orthodox, but some Greek and Roman Catholics, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and Protestant denominations), other 2% (several small Shi'a Muslim and Druze populations)

National Holidays: Independence Day, 25 May (1946)
Economic Status:

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy with a developing economy and a modern infrastructure.


Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF): Royal Jordanian Land Force, Royal Jordanian Navy, Royal Jordanian Air Force (Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Malakiya al-Urduniya), Special Operations Command (Socom); Public Security Directorate (normally falls under Ministry of Interior, but comes under JAF in wartime or crisis situations)

US Presence:

The US Embassy in Amman is located on Al-Umayyaween Street, Abdoun, PO Box 354, Amman 11118. Tel  [962] (6) 590-6000; Fax [962] (6) 592-4102. The after-hours emergency telephone number is [962] (6) 590-6000. The Internet web site is http://amman.usembassy.gov. The US Embassy is open Sun through Thu.

Document Requirements:

A passport and a visa are required.  Jordan issues visas to Americans for a fee at most international ports of entry and at most international land border crossings upon arrival.  However, visas are not issued upon arrival at the land border crossing between Israel and Jordan known as the King Hussein Bridge crossing.  (On the Israeli side, this crossing is known as the Allenby Bridge.)  U.S. citizens must already be in possession of a valid visa to Jordan or have a special entry permit from the Jordanian Ministry of Interior to enter Jordan at this crossing.

Foreigners who wish to stay thirty days or more in Jordan must register at a Jordanian police station by their thirtieth day in the country.   Failure to properly register subjects the travelers to a fine of 1.5 Jordanian dinars (approximately $2.10) per day of overstay.  This fine is usually assessed at departure.

Some HIV/AIDS entry restrictions exist for visitors to and foreign residents of Jordan.  Jordan does not permit entry or residency for foreign nationals with HIV/AIDS.  Travelers known to have HIV are denied entry at ports of entry, including land border crossings.  Travelers seeking residency are required to have an AIDS test performed at a government medical facility.  Those who fail to submit to the test or who test positive for HIV are deported.  Please verify this information with the Embassy of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan before you travel.

Travelers are urged to check the Country Specific Information and any existing Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts at travel.state.gov for all countries they plan to visit during their travel to the region.  Border crossing requirements may change and borders may be closed during periods of heightened security.  For further information travelers may contact the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at 3504 International Drive NW, Washington, DC 20008, or by telephone at (202) 966-2664.  Jordan also maintains Honorary Consulates in Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, and San Francisco, CA.

Information about dual nationality or the prevention of international child abduction can be found on our website.  For further information about customs regulations, please read our Customs Information sheet.

Major Airports:

Airports:  17, Airports w/paved runways:  15

Amman – Queen Alia International Airport (AMM/OJAI)
Amman, Queen Alia Int’l, Jordan, PO Box 39225, Amman, JORDAN
Tel: +962 (0)6 445 1132, +962 (0)6 445 1134
Fax: +962 (0)6 445 1136
Website: www.rjd.com.jo
Customs, hours:  24 hours
Tel: +962 (0)8 52319
Fax:  +962 (0)8 51306

Servicing Airlines:
Risks and Precautions:

The threat of terrorism remains high in Jordan. Transnational terrorist groups, as well as less sophisticated local elements, have demonstrated the capability to pose threats in Jordan. In addition, there has been a series of serious, confirmed terrorist threats and disrupted terrorist plots targeting U.S. or Jordanian interests in Jordan. Anti-American and anti-Western sentiment exists in Jordan and has been sparked on occasion by incidents in the region, particularly those related to Israeli/Palestinian issues and, to a lesser extent, Iraq. This may lead to random acts of violence against Westerners. On Sept 4, 2006, a gunman fired on foreigners at a popular tourist site in central Amman, killing one and injuring six.

Mortality Statistics:

Infant MR total:  16.76 deaths/1,000 live births

Life expectancy at birth:  TOTAL 78.4 years  (male 75.9/female 81.05)

Immunization Indicators:

Required: None
Recommended: Hep A & B, Rabies, Typhoid
Boosters: DPT, MMR, polio as needed

Infectious Disease Concerns:

Cutaneous leishmaniasis is reported throughout the Middle Eastern area, especially in countries bordering the Mediterranean; visceral leishmaniasis, although rare throughout most of the area, occurs focally in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey. Many cases of leishmaniasis have been reported in the US military in Iraq. West Nile virus is another vector-borne infection found in the region. Protecting yourself against insect bites (see below) will help to prevent these diseases.

Schistosomiasis has been found in focal areas in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen. To prevent schistosomiasis, do not swim in fresh water (except in well-chlorinated pools) in these countries. (For more information, please see Swimming and Recreational Water Safety.)

Overall Quality of Medical Services:

Basic modern medical care and medicines are available in the principal cities of Jordan, but not necessarily in outlying areas. Most hospitals in Jordan, especially Amman, are privately owned. Doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash payment for services.

Providers in Network:
Direct Payment: 8
Referrals: 50
View Network Providers
Recent Medical Threats/ Concerns/Warnings:

The Jordanian Ministry of Health confirmed four cases of H5N1 Avian Influenza in poultry on Mar 24 06, on a small farm near Ajloun and has announced that an Egyptian male, who entered Jordan via ferry at Aqaba on Mar 27 06, was confirmed to have H5N1.
Measles continues to reported from the region.
An outbreak of polio occurred in Yemen in 2005 following importation of poliovirus from Nigeria.

Communications Info:

Country Calling Code:  +962
Internet Country Code:  .jo


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