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Europe Travel Alert - 17-Nov
US Department of State - Travel Warning: North Korea - 14-Nov
Catalonia independence protesters block dozens of roads as general strike brings parts of region to standstill - 09-Nov
US Department of State - Travel Alert - Togo - 08-Nov
Manhattan Terror Attack Kills 8 and Injures 11 - 01-Nov
Air Berlin Bids Farewell After Four Decades And A Failed Gulf Marriage - 30-Oct
Typhoon Saola downgraded but expected to drench Pacific coastal areas as it nears Hokkaido - 30-Oct
US Department of State - South Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season 2017-2018 - Travel Alert - 30-Oct
US Department of State - Travel Warning: Venezuela - 30-Oct
Ophelia to bring hurricane-force wind, heavy rain to Ireland - 16-Oct
US Department of State - Travel Warning: Mauritania - 13-Oct
Hurricane Ophelia becomes 10th Atlantic hurricane of 2017 season - 12-Oct
More homes evacuated as Northern California fires grow - 11-Oct
Air Berlin flights to cease by October 28 - 09-Oct
Tropical Storm Nate expected to drench Nicaragua, threaten Gulf Coast - 05-Oct
King Condemns Catalan Vote as General Strike Roils Region - 04-Oct
US Department of State - Travel Warning: Cameroon - 04-Oct
US Department of State - Travel Alert: Kenya - 04-Oct
US Department of State - Travel Warning: Cuba - 04-Oct
Volcano on Indonesia's Bali island at highest alert level, thousands evacuated - 22-Sep
At least 25 dead after Hurricane Maria hits Caribbean - 22-Sep
Mexicans dig through collapsed buildings as quake kills 217 - 20-Sep
Hurricane Maria smashes Dominica, now menaces Puerto Rico - 19-Sep
2 dead, 38 injured as Typhoon Talim rips through Japan - 18-Sep
Worldwide Caution - 18-Sep

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