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Deadly earthquake shakes southern Peru - 15 Jan, 2018
7.6 magnitude earthquake shakes the Caribbean Sea, tsunami threat diminishes - 10 Jan, 2018
CDC Travel Notice - Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean - 04 Jan, 2018
Storm Eleanor causes flood damage on Ireland's west coast - 03 Jan, 2018
Philippines ferry carrying 251 capsizes - 21 Dec, 2017
US Department of State - Travel Alert: Honduras - 21 Dec, 2017
CDC Travel Notices - Plague in Madagascar - 21 Dec, 2017
CDC Travel Notices - Measles in England - 21 Dec, 2017
CDC Travel Notices - Measles in Greece - 21 Dec, 2017
Argentina Congress passes pension reform after protests, clashes - 19 Dec, 2017
Protesters take to the streets amid calls for a new election in Honduras - 19 Dec, 2017
Bali airport reopens, but volcano still spewing ash - 29 Nov, 2017
Indonesia volcano: Mount Agung eruption closes Bali's main airport - 27 Nov, 2017
US Department of State - Travel Warning: Saudi Arabia - 22 Nov, 2017
US Department of State - Travel Warning: Central African Republic - 22 Nov, 2017
Europe Travel Alert - 17 Nov, 2017
US Department of State - Travel Warning: North Korea - 14 Nov, 2017
Catalonia independence protesters block dozens of roads as general strike brings parts of region to standstill - 09 Nov, 2017
US Department of State - Travel Alert - Togo - 08 Nov, 2017
Manhattan Terror Attack Kills 8 and Injures 11 - 01 Nov, 2017
Air Berlin Bids Farewell After Four Decades And A Failed Gulf Marriage - 30 Oct, 2017
Typhoon Saola downgraded but expected to drench Pacific coastal areas as it nears Hokkaido - 30 Oct, 2017
US Department of State - South Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season 2017-2018 - Travel Alert - 30 Oct, 2017
US Department of State - Travel Warning: Venezuela - 30 Oct, 2017
Ophelia to bring hurricane-force wind, heavy rain to Ireland - 16 Oct, 2017

About Us

WellAbroad® is a website created by Seven Corners to promote positive international travel experiences. Preparing for a trip abroad can be overwhelming with all of the things a traveler might want to consider: healthcare access, travel logistics, political environments, economic and security status, current events, etc. As a provider of worldwide healthcare programs since 1993, Seven Corners has been working with overseas travel concerns for many years. We decided as a company that we have a lot of information to offer the public about what we have learned through the years from our healthcare members and our management of healthcare programs. While the medical delivery systems in a country are our main areas of focus, the nature of our business demands that we get involved with many aspects of a country’s cultural and environmental aspects.

As our intelligence about various country niches and travel processes and concerns continued to grow, we felt the data should be shared with everyone who might need it. People who travel to the same areas often experience the same issues and healthcare concerns, and as we began to share this on an individual basis, our healthcare members had better experiences or were able to avoid frustrations and travel more safely. The website was our way of expanding our knowledge quickly versus member by member and offering it to everyone even if they were not affiliated with our company or travel healthcare programs. The site profiles everything from specific regional healthcare access to other global travelers’ experiences. Everything offered through the site was designed to benefit anyone who might be traveling overseas.

Seven Corners’ information is available on the site free of charge. We also provide detailed information about healthcare providers contracted with Seven Corners outside the US for our current members in a password protected area. This allows members to better understand before they travel how they can access the healthcare system if it is needed. Preparation is the best method for handling any difficult situation.

We are hopeful the education from other people’s experiences that we compile will prove beneficial on a larger scale. We are committed to helping travelers make the most of their travel opportunity.

Happy travels – www.wellabroad.com

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